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If you’re here, you most probably know what Instagram is. More than that, you most probably are already on Instagram. But that is not enough! The limit has not been reached. It has not even been conceived!!

To give you a hint, it is you who define the limits, and we will help you do that. My-Instastalker is the tool you need to do just that. You set the scope, and we will help you capture the frame. The options are many. We provide the users with the choice of opting any of the packages they so desire. It doesn’t matter if its Instagram likes you are after or Instagram followers you need, be it an increase in Instagram comments you’re looking for, or an upsurge in Instagram TV (IGTV) viewership, or for that matter Instagram Story Views, we’ve got you covered. You must have a lot of questions now, don’t worry, we’ll answer your queries.

What does the term ‘Instastalker’ mean?

Instastalker is essentially a term that is used to denote to someone who stalks Instagram profiles without the one’s whose profile is being stalked getting any hint as to their profile being stalked and surveyed. In that respect Instastalking is the act of looking at people’s Instagram profiles anonymously.

If you’re wanting to view someone’s Instagram story or posts, but don’t want them to know, then Instastalker is a way to do that.

Here it must be mentioned that Instagram stalking gets a bad rep, and perhaps rightfully so. However, that might not be true in all and every case.

What makes MyInstastaker the catalyst you need for your Instagram Account?

You may very well be on Instagram but do you know what Instagram is, behind the curtain?

Instagram, behind the veil is a complex of algorithms. An average user is unaware of the potentials that lie behind. If only the back-hand workings of Instagram can be understood and put to use, the Instagram user can reach the heights of this social-picture sharing platform. Myinstastalker is aware of the back-hand potentials. And it is so, that Myinstastalker can put to use the understanding it has of the mechanisms of Instagram to help you reach the heights of Instagram. Or conversely, get to know of the lows of Instagram so that you can avoid the pitfalls.


What really is MyInstastalker?

Our Instagram services here at MyInstastalker are endless. Let us give you a glimpse.

Instagram stalking is a natural occurrence once you find yourself in Instagram. Whether you stalk on Instagram, or are being stalked in Instagram, the process is difficult. MyInstastalker makes it easier. It can help you stalk on Instagram with ease you cannot imagine. Not only that, MysInstastalker can also help you find out who stalks you on Instagram.

Finding out who stalks you on Instagram?

You may have thought that your Instagram profile is being stalked. Or that you may have secret admirers who are prying your profile. Or you might simply be piqued that who looks at your Instagram profile from under the shadows.

There are a `multitude of apps on both Apple Appstore and Google Playstore that guarantee that their user finds out their Instagram profile stalkers. In reality however, most don’t oblige to their claims. MyInstastalker in this regard is class apart. With our services, our users can be guaranteed that they’ll be able to find out about their stalkers and admirers in hiding.

On the surface, it appears as though Instagram’s platform does not let its users find out about their Insta profile stalkers. In almost all cases that is true. To find out with certainty who stalls you on Instagram is almost improbable if not impossible. The only exception to this rule is of Instagram business profiles. Instagram business profiles have a leverage over conventional or standard (personal) Instagram profile. Instagram business profiles can indeed find out about their profile visitors’ Instagram profile in a sense. Instagram business profiles can check out the number of profiles that have visited their Instagram business profile in the last week. Here again though, the exact knowledge of each of the visitor’s profile remains hidden.

Here again, our services can be of great use to anyone who wishes to know about anonymous visitors to their Instagram profiles and stalkers in general. MyInstastalker proficiently finds out about the stalkers you so wish to know about and lay them bare before you.


Get Even More Likes on your Instagram Profile

Getting likes on Instagram is indeed a difficult task. Of course, you’ll get some likes as you go along on Instagram, but to get the amount of likes on your Instagram profile that will garner the right amount of attention to your profile you might need our services which we excel in providing.

Getting likes on Instagram is very important for Instagram business pages especially (as well as personal Instagram profiles). To get the attention in the digital world, ‘likes’ is the name of the game. The most basic of all the markers which make your presence on Instagram viable and brings it to focus, are the likes.

There are numerous techniques and methods you can find over the internet that claim that if they are applied and followed, those seeking more likes on their Instagram profile can in fact get more likes on their Instagram profile. While some of them may actually work, the fact that remains is that it all is in almost every way a tedious task. Why even bother with such complications if MyInstalker is here to help you achieve the Instagram ambitions with great ease and certainty.

It can be rightly said that no matter how many posts you have on Instagram, if your posts and Instagram profile is devoid of likes, your Instagram profile is lacking. This vacuum that persists in your Instagram profile can be easily fulfilled if you so choose to and use our services at MyInstastalker.

Get More Instagram TV(IGTV) Views

If you are a marketer on Instagram, you must know how essential and important Instagram TV is for the said task. And this too goes without saying, that garnering enough audience, and on top of that the right audience that you intend to market your products or services at, is very difficult. Despair not, and don’t lose hope. MyInstastalker has got you covered.

MyInstastalker will get you not only more IGTV views but also the right and intended audience that fulfills your goals of streaming on through IGTV. With our help you can definitely expect a boost to your Instagram TV (IGTV) views and streamline your marketing and advertisement pitches. Get in the limelight you crave, or showcase your products and services and help your business reach its true potential.

With our help, that is to say that with MyInstastalker you can count on our expertise and relax with the clarity that your work is being done by professionals and is in safe hands. The trajectory you have decided for your IGTV showcase to take will definitely be actualized by us here at MyInstastalker.

Get More Comments on Instagram

MyInstastalker specializes in Instagram services. Apart from the numerous other services we provide our clients and customers with, for their Instagram profiles and pages, we also help our clients get more reach through by getting them and their Instagram profiles and shares more comments.

A hefty amount of comments on an Instagram profile or page stands out to showcase the worth and value of that Instagram page or profile. An Instagram business profile stakes its reputation on their dealings with their clientele and customers. A profile having a large amount of comments to show for its cordial relation and excellent services stands out by that virtue alone.

This service is beneficial to both the commercial accounts in Instagram as well as private and personal accounts. Everyone who has a presence in Instagram can avail and benefit this service of ours. We here at MyInstastalker can provide our users with an amazing opportunity to bring their Instagram accounts to prominence by way of having their Instagram profiles and pages glittered by positive comments. These comments, or the general increase in comments on shares on your Instagram profile or page can serve as an authoritative sign for your Instagram profile or page being a worthy one. This can further highlight your Instagram profile or page and get it the right attention you want it to have.

For Instagram Business pages, we offer exclusive services. In such cases, the comments boost can rightfully serve as reviews and in that way help your Instagram Business account get traction.

Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories, as the name suggests are stories. Yet, as stories, the Instagram stories are an integral spectacle of lives, telling the tales of the person sharing them and audience alike.

Instagram stories are a vital means of growth of your social presence. Be it your personal Instagram account or a business page on Instagram. To take advantage of this important feature of Instagram, you can avail the services we provide here at MyInstastalker. We empower your Instagram stories with creativity, aesthetic designs and layouts that never fail to allure the audience.

Like many other Instagram services MyInstastalker offers, our premium service of getting your Insta stories more views is most definitely among those other top services we provide to our clients, users and customers.

Get Unique Access and Assessments Through our Instagram Impressions Services

Like many other social networking sites, accumulating and analyzing data in Instagram too is an uneasy and often incomprehensible task.

Instagram provides the perfect platform for you to share a variety of photo or video content and interact with your audience in new ways.

Among some of the highlights covered in our round up of key IG stats for marketers are:

Get More Followers on Your Instagram Profile

MyInstastalker, as already mentioned is a multifunctional Instagram solution. Not only can we help you find out who stalks your Instagram profile, and get you more likes on your Instagram posts, we can also help you get many more Instagram followers than you already have. We excel in the service of providing you with the right amount of followers you demand.

The true worth of an Instagram profile is determined by the number of followers that profile has. The more the followers, the more the fame. The fact of the matter is, that every door so to speak, of Instagram is reached on through the followers. What this means is that if you seek likes on your Instagram profile, having more followers inherently improves the chances of you getting more likes. Same is the case with getting more shares, getting more story views, and in fact getting even more followers too.

You might have experienced the lengthy and tedious task of going through different regimen and methods, and sometimes you may have even gone through inventing your own copious techniques and strategies to garner more followers on Instagram. Many a times, your well-deserved content on your Instagram profile page fails to get enough attention it deservedly needs. The problem then is not of your content or of your efforts but as is true in many cases, the problem then would be of other Instagram profiles overshadowing your more deserving one by applying and using techniques which help those Instagram profiles have a slight edge, sometimes unduly so.

Avoiding such pitfalls is necessary in order to gain more followers and traction on Instagram. MyInstastalker provides its users and subscribers that very chance and opportunity. Avail it, and make your Instagram profile out shine in Instagram just the way you desire.

Some Insight on Instagram Impressions and Our Instagram Impressions Services

Digital Marketing, Advertisements and outreach is virtually non-viable without the aid and use of Instagram for the aforementioned tasks. Without a shred of doubt, Instagram is undeniably important to your marketing strategy, branding, and for numerous other commercial and social avenues.  Before we begin to explain what Instagram Impression is, and we can here assume that many of you might know about it already, we will ponder over the essentials first and lead on to how our services here at MyInstastalker can help you on this front.

Instagram Impressions provides you with the representations of the number of times your photo, video, or story has been seen. This number includes every time a user saw your post while scrolling through their feed, clicked through your business’ profile to view a photo, and viewed your content through Instagram Direct.

Instagram Impressions comes in handy when analyzing your Instagram page. It can help you find out where your page stands and what bearings it has. Upon analysis, the user can then plan out the strategies and tactics to further improve their Instagram page’s status. And also eliminate the deficiencies which may be present on the page to further its advance in the online digital realm of Instagram.

MyInstastalker can help its users by providing them with in-depth information and data gathered through Instagram Impressions and help them better understand the analysis gathered thereof. MyInststalker can also provide its users with the systematic approach and diagnosticians clarity guide them through the intricacies of analytics so that our users can utilize Instagram Impressions to its optimum potential.

Stalking Others’ Profiles on Instagram

Perhaps it is not only that you want to know who stalks your Instagram profile but also stalk profile yourself. If so, you’ve landed on the right website. MyIntsastalker can help you anonymously stalk profiles on Instagram without any of those people whose profile you stalk or want to stalk knowing about it. Our services here at Myinstastalker are unique in that regard. We provide our users and subscribers with the superb backhand features of Instagram stalking that can provide them with the ability to know about the Instagram profiles they wish to see and view with utmost ease. Not only does this enable our users and subscribers with the ability to stalk, as in generally this act is referred to, but gather data and analytics they can incorporate for good use for the sake of use in digital marketing and advertisements.

As previously mentioned, stalking gets a bad rep. However, this is not entirely true depending on the context. In essence, the whole idea behind the operation of Instagram is anything but Stalking.

Our Team

Our workforce comprises of experts who are proficient in the tricks of the trade. Our team works to ensure customer satisfaction to utmost degree and relies on our users’ and customers’ feedback to make sure that our services never fail to disappoint. We constantly work on towards improving our relationship with our valuable clients and customers and integrate within our work ethos their suggestions.

Our team of experts always strives to deliver.

Client Satisfaction

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. MyInstastalker professes diligence and excellence in our services to our customers and considers it a duty to oblige to our customers needs and demands by providing them with top of the line Instagram services.

How You Can Reach Our Services

Our Services can be availed by means of a single click. You can check out our different packages and select the one(s) which suit you the best.


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